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Meat for Competition

(we chose meat and cut for competition)

- 2 Racks of Baby Back Ribs
- 8 Boneless Pork Chops 1" thick
- Two lbs of lean ground pork


Gates open at 7:00 AM – BBQ teams load in and register
7:30 AM – BBQ teams meet and receive their instructions and meat
8:00 AM – Grilling begins
12:00 PM – Teams turn in ground pork presentations
1:00 PM – Teams turn in pork chops
2:00 PM – Teams turn in ribs

-Judging Results will be announced from the Main Stage
-Judge panel will consist of 6 BBQ judges. 4 are certified by the Canadian BBQ Society
-Judging categories consider aroma, texture, and taste in a double blind judging.

Organizers are encouraging families, businesses, and food industry professionals to get involved to compete for top honors.


- This amateur open division event is open to the general public, including food industry participants.

- Competitors are invited to bring down their BBQs, Smokers, Sauces and Secret Ingredients and will be assigned a 10’x10′ area to set up and prepare the competition meats.

- If your BBQ set-up area is larger than 10 X 10 please contact us.

- Fitting with the Sponsorship by Ontario Pork Congress, contestants will be provided meat consisting of Pork Ribs, Pork Chops, and Ground Pork.

- Registration is required in advance via email * Cost $100 + HST per BBQ Team

Grilling Rules

Grilling, smoking, BBQ Wood, charcoal, propane. No open fire.

Proper disposal area for ash(es) provided

Grey water disposal provided

Potable water available

Team Signage/Banner required min. 20inX36in

Each BBQ site must have a three sink system with suitable hot water for washing.

In addition, a SEPARATE temporary hand wash station is necessary within 20 feet of thework centre. If the work centre is separate from a cook trailer a separate hand wash station is required. The water should be notably warm and free flowing (Non Self-Closing Spigot; Turn Valve or Flip Valve) and a catch basin available. The soap must be from a pump dispenser. Disposable towels must be available.

Water will be available for each site; each team is to ensure that their water supply is a food grade water hose as required by the Health Department.

A sanitation solution in a spray bottle is required (30ml bleach in 4 litres water) to sanitize the work station.

Power, each team will be provided with 15amp power supply within 100 feet. Each team is expected to supply a suitable grounded extension cord.

Tents, teams are required to ensure their tent is labelled fire resistant if any cooking or heating will be conducted within 15 feet of the tent. The tag must be visible or the information readily available should the fire inspection require it.

Electrical Devices, including but not limited to cookers must be coded by the appropriate safety association or manual indicating the appropriate standard as inspected by the fire inspection.

Fire Extinguisher, each team will have their OWN acceptable and appropriate fire extinguisher onsite and notably available when cookers are lit.

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