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Hello Roger

Larry & I had a wonderful time at the festival this past weekend.

Larry was a founding member & MC for 25 years, of the Tabistock Fiddle & Step contest; one of the biggest in Canada, and he said the organization & stage management of the Stratford Ribs & Blues Festival was fantastic. You & the committee must be thrilled with the weekend. I know we were.

Jenn reported , there was very little smoke affecting the businesses on York

Street. She had a wonderful , fun weekend. And the " ribbers " I spoke to late Saturday night told me they loved their location. The berm on the parking lot, hides all their stuff behind their set- up & they had a great view of the river. They all had a great weekend .

The many families I spoke with loved having lots of picnic tables & garbage cans & the clean toilets. The ribs were excellent as well.

We attended every day & evening and the crowd comments were all positive. We

had a fabulous time.
Comments about not seeing any rowdiness, no smoking except in a designated area, great food, and especially great music were common to hear from the people in the crowd.

WOW did we enjoy the music. Sundays' last act, Yeager & all our Stratford musicians was just plain spectacular!!

It seems a good time was had by all.

Roger, the Stacey family would like to thank you and all of your committee members for the wonderful festival you gave to Stratford this past weekend.
We know how much hard work it takes to pull off a such a well organized event . We loved it!!

Larry & Gail Stacey & Clan